martedì 9 agosto 2011

Giveaway a cui partecipo ♥

Voglio postare questo PREZIOSISSIMO giveaway a cui partecipo:

Giveaway: MAC Semi Precious Collection

Here's your chance to win six items from MAC's recent Semi Precious Collection.
 I finally have over 100 subscribers now that I've been blogging more frequently! 
So, to thank each and every one of you, I'm giving away a few new products. 
You can see more photos of the collection in this post I made.
 This above photo includes all six products in the giveaway. 
They are:

Mineralize Blush:  Warmth of Coral
Mineralize Blush:  Pressed Amber
Semi Precious Colour Lipstick:  Musky Amethyst
Mineralize Eyeshadow:  Blue Sheen
Mineralize Eyeshadow:  Mineral Mode
Mineralize Eyeshadow:  Dark Indulgence
Total Value: $120.50

Le regole di partecipazione le trovate nel post!

A presto con nuove recensioni.

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